ask about your risk of VERY serious side effects before starting 5-FU Chemotherapy

Lynn's Story

A routine examination helped Lynn Steven's discover colon cancer in an early stage. In January 2019, she underwent surgery. Though the cancer had not spread, she agreed to chemotherapy believing, as her oncologists offered, that the treatment would help her odds of longer survival. 


Sadly, the standard treatment which included fluorouracil (5-FU) led to her death within 4 weeks of her only treatment. Lynn suffered from DPD deficiency and her oncologists had not tested to determine if she was at risk prior to the start of treatment.


You will find more of Lynn's story published in the UK's Daily Mail  --



Lynn's husband, Chris, is now actively lobbying members of parliament to improve the standard of care in the UK and across the European Union.  Please see his YouTube story --